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Follow for a quick remote support session with KS Consulting.
How KS Consulting Remote Support Works

KS Consulting uses a customized remote support application that is standards-based, unintrusive and easy to use. It is a stand-alone application that is downloaded directly from our website and does not install itself on your machine. If run directly from our web page, it is completely removed from your system when temporary files are cleared from your web browser and does not leave any registry entries or other residual items on your pc. 


Starting your remote support session: Minimize

For browser specific instructions on running the KS Consulting Remote Support Application, expand the
appropriate section below tailored to your respective browser.

Installing the Remote Support Application:

  • Install KS Consulting Remote Support Application.
  • Click here to Run or click the image to the left.
Click here to begin remote support session with KS Consulting, LLC
Internet Explorer instructions and help: Minimize

Instructions are tailored towards Internet Explorer. Steps may look different if using Firefox, Safari or some other form of web browser. Adapt as necessary to your respective browser or call KS Consulting for further support.


Step 1: Starting your remote support request

Getting started with KS Consulting Remote Support

If you press Click here to run and it does not run, you may need to add this site to your "Trusted Sites" in Internet Explorer. In IE, select Tools, Internet Options, Security, Trusted Sites and add the site. Note the site does not require Https: prefix.

You also may need to enable downloading of FTP files in your firewall or router.


Step 2: "Accept File Download - Security Warning" message
When prompted with a "Accept File Download - Security Warning" message as shown, single click the "Run" button with the left mouse as indicated in the example below.


File Download - Security Warning Message


Step 3: Accept "Internet Explorer - Security Warning" Message
When prompted with a "Internet Explorer - Security Warning" message as shown, single click the "Run" button with the left mouse as indicated in the example below.


Internet Explorer - Security Warning Message


If you receive a Microsoft Installer warning, please click Accept.
Windows XP users: Click the bar at the top of your browser window and Accept the installation. The program will automatically remove itself after you end the support session.


Step 4: Sending Remote Support Request
After downloading this tool, please double click with your left mouse button where indicated in the example below.


KS Consulting - Remote Support Software

Thank you for using KS Consulting Remote Support!To email our support team regarding any remote support session questions, or give feedback about your support, please click here.


FireFox instructions and help: Maximize