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Data Recovery

In those unfortunate times when you find yourself at a loss for some business critical data, you can rely on KS Consulting to help you recover your lost data quickly and with confidence. KS Consulting has established a relationship with ESS Data Recovery as an authorized reseller of their services. Together we offer quick service and reliable results for your mission critical data recovery needs.

From thumbdrive to RAID, when businesses or individuals require first-rate data recovery service in the shortest amount of time, we can get the job done. The technology, turnaround and success available through this relationship with ESS Data Recovery is second to none. You data recovery job is protected by a money-back gaurantee. If your needed data is not able to be recovered from your drive (in excellent condition), there is no charge. If only a portion of the requested data is recovered, you are only charged for the percentage recovered.

Why choose KS Consulting for your data recovery needs? Fast, Affordable, Reliable.

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* Rates vary drastically depending on medium. Free shipping option available to priority and emergency service levels only